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The Martial Arts World Super Show is the most exciting event this year! It is more entertaining than a Las Vegas show or a Broadway production. Martial Artists from all over the nation come together for this amazing event to showcase their breathtaking skills and amazing technique. Do not miss the 2017 Martial Arts World Super Show

  1. Audience tickets are valid for both the morning tournament and the evening competition.
  2. If you are bringing your child or family member, please arrive at 8:00am for check-in; the tournament will finish at approximately 3:00pm.
  3. There will be rest and recharge time from 3:00-5:00pm. During this time, Eagle Demo Team members can practice and prepare for the evening event.
  4. Doors open for the evening event at 5:00pm! Please arrive early so you can get the best seats possible! At 6:00PM we will start the competition.
  5. Tournament Competitors are granted free entry to the evening competition.