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► The fun way to get in shape!
► Learn self-defense skills that change your life!
► Knock out stress and energize your self!
► Build strength, flexibility and focus!
► Maximize your potential and reach your dreams!
► Meet lots of positive new friends.


The 3 reasons you need to buy
SUPER-SHOW tickets:




► You will watch the most exciting show ever!
► Your family and friends will have an amazing time.
► Event ticket sales will benefit the MAW FOUNDATION
► Receive a free Community Appreciation GIFT-CARD for 1-month of lessons.


University will absolutely, positively change your life:





► Become healthier and stronger!
► Become smarter and wiser!
► Become a more confident individual!
► Become wealthy and happy!
► Become a modern leader!
► Learn life self-defense to transform your life



Do you want your child to be positive, intelligent and more confident?

Join us to achieve your goals. Martial Arts World is the best investment for your child.



Are you looking for a better life:

Join us and meet many positive people while getting in shape and learning self-defense!




Would you like for your child to have the best summer and to be more active and wiser?

Martial Arts World is the right place for your child!




Transform your life!

Our action philosophy will help you to maximize your potential to create a successful future!

To be, what you want to be,
you need the 5 Pillars!






U.S. National Exercise:

Knock Out stress and enjoy daily life!

Improve flexibility while strengthening your mind!






Our new high energy curriculum:

Easy to learn, fun to practice to become HEALTHIER, WISER, more CONFIDENT, WEALTHIER, and HAPPIER!
Get in shape while learning self-defense!

Gain high energy while
improving flexibility!

Improve your every-day life!


“I used to be surrounded by negative people always trying to pull me down. With Martial Arts World, I’ve surrounded myself with positive people. I am HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, STRONGER, and more CONFIDENT.”

-Instructor Ihde


“I used to be bullied all the time and had no self-confidence , and my thoughts were terrible. After joining Martial Arts World, I learned how to defend myself against not only my own thoughts, but other peoples as well.”

-Jaelyn Velez


“When she first started school, she struggled to focus. After joining the Martial Arts World after-school program, she had achieved A+B honor- roll! I couldnt be prouder.”

-Lilly & Chief Instructor Nelson


Meditation Videos


Meditation is a mini-vacation:

It is the best mental exercise to clear your mind, to receive positive energy, and gain peace of mind.

Free Your Mind!


Color & Black-belt Testing


Color and black belt testing will guide you how to set and acheive your positive goals!

Turn any crisis into opportunity to create an amazing future!


Championship Participation


Driving Exercise Videos


It’s amazing!
You can exercise
while driving!

While driving, you cant go anywhere other than your seat, so you might as well MAXIMIZE the time you have to spend in your car.

We incorporate many styles into our classes, such as Taekwondo, Karate, Kung Fu, Jujitsu, Tai Chi, Yoga, Aikido, MMA, Hapkido, Dangsoodo and many more.

Hi, my name is Grand­mas­ter Y.K. Kim,

I’m very PROUD that hun­dreds of fam­i­lies all over are singing the prais­es of our pro­grams and telling their friends and neigh­bors how much of a pos­i­tive impact it’s hav­ing on their lives.

Get start­ed now and find out how you can be health­i­er, hap­pi­er, and more con­fi­dent with Mar­tial Arts World training!

True Success Requires Harmony and Balance

Our members tell us that they feel our school is more of an institution of self-improvement, physically, mentally, morally, financially and in life rather than “just” some exercise program or “activity”.

When you train in our martial arts program, you take advantage of the best self-improvement system in the world. You will be able to concentrate and sharpen your focus to achieve your personal and professional goals!

For the children, parents all over give our martial arts classes credit for increasing their child’s discipline and respect, building their self-esteem and giving them a “Yes I Can” winning attitude.

Lose Weight, Knockout Stress & Get in Shape

Our adult members have seen enormous weight loss results. But they haven’t just lost weight. They have built muscle, gained flexibility, knocked out their stress in a FUN, positive, and injury-free environment!

Our members tell us that our schools have helped them develop a healthy lifestyle which has given them incredible energy to maximize their potential.

Please take a few moments to browse this website, get familiar with us, then, take me up on my offer, and see the benefits of our martial arts program for yourself

Question & Answer:

Martial Arts World is the home of life champions! It is an institution of self-improvement physically, mentally, morally, financially and in life. It is modern martial arts!
Martial arts training without philosophy is same as gangster fighting – it promotes violence and vice, therefore, we practice action philosophy, the 5 pillars of true success, which is the NEW paradigm for modern success. Martial Arts World training with philosophy will help you create a successful future to be healthier, wiser, more confident, wealthier and happier.

Of course! Lose weight and get in shape while learning self-defense. Weight control is our specialty!

Of course, we practice YOGA! It is the U.S. National Exercise involving:

  • Energy Meditation
  • Power breathing
  • TV, driving, airplane, and office exercises + more
Yes, we have a complete Curriculum system including books and videos, to make it easier and more effective practice.

Of course, it will benefit you:

  • Save financially
  • Easier to practice
  • Help you to achieve your goals and dreams
It is never too early or late to start because it is self-improvement!

Yes! We teach the 5 powers of self-defense!:

  • How to defend yourself from physical attacks.
  • How to defend yourself from verbal attacks
  • How to defend yourself from self attacks
  • How to defend yourself from financial attacks
  • How to defend yourself from life attacks

So you can be a VICTOR not a victim!

Yes! We teach the 5 powers of self-defense!:

  • How to defend yourself from physical attacks.
  • How to defend yourself from verbal attacks
  • How to defend yourself from self attacks
  • How to defend yourself from financial attacks
  • How to defend yourself from life attacks

So you can be a VICTOR not a victim!

SPECIAL OFFER: Free one month trial lesson with no obligation!We evaluate class and find the best program that you can afford.

It is the best investment for you and your loved ones future!

“I have always had a hard time standing up for myself. I have always felt intimidated, manipulated, and unsure of my possible out comes in life. Since joining Martial Arts World, I have learned to be more confident , make new friends, and meet people from all over the planet!”

-Malayka Gonzalez


“I became more confident and positive. I knew that if i set my mind to something, I CAN DO IT! “

-Matthew Misegades


” When I joined Martial Arts World, I was able to find a new family that was supportive. And pushed me and encouraged me to become a better person. It is truly an institution of SELF-IMPROVEMENT, and it has changed my life dramatically!

-Khalil Hawkins


“I used to be very shy, very quiet, and found it hard to interact with others. Since I’ve been training I have become more CONFIDENT , increased my SELF-ESTEEM, and help me make a bunch of NEW FRIENDS!”

-Emily Turner