What is the Martial Arts World Super Show?

Martial Arts World Super Show is this year’s premier event which is held to benefit the MAW Foundation. We have organized a spectacular Martial Arts Super Show including the Exhibition Team World Championships. This year’s event is to be announced. There will be over 750 participants and thousands of spectators for this amazing event. Ticket sales and proceeds from sponsorships from the event will benefit the MAW Foundation.

What is Martial Arts World?

Martial Arts World is an institution of self-improvement, which is the expression of modern martial arts. MAW philosophy is based on nature, which brings harmony and balance to our lives. By balancing physical success, mental success, moral success, financial success and life success, MAW members can create a truly successful life. MAW was founded in 1978 by Grandmaster Y.K. Kim, here in Orlando Florida.

What is the MAW Foundation

The mission statement of the MAW Foundation is to build a four-year Martial Arts University to provide leaders for the future. Through the Martial Arts philosophy; transform our society and change the world to make it a better place to live!