What is Martial Arts World Instructor’s Club?

A Martial Arts World Instructor is a role model and a Leader. An Instructor is a symbol of having Harmony and balance through the 5 Pillars of True Success. He or she has studied to create physical success, mental success, moral success, financial success and life success. A great instructor is a great learner, a great learner is a great leader. They are daily disciplining themselves to practice the Top 10 Successful Habits to create a truly successful life.

A Martial Arts World Instructor’s privilege and opportunity is to share his or her experience, knowledge, and heart with his or her students. He or she will help the students set positive goals in the Martial Arts which will give them permanent motivation. He or she will help them achieve their goals by motivating, energizing, encouraging, empowering and passionately showing the best example for students to emulate. An Instructor’s success comes from sharing with others. He or she will help the students become healthier, wiser, more confident, wealthier, happier and more successful in life.

An Instructor is not only an example of personal achievement but the face and heart of Martial Arts World!

To peruse your goal of becoming an Instructor, a currently training Martial Arts World student must register in the Instructors Club.

Instructors Club Rules and Regulations:

  • Enroll in the Instructors Course and keep current with Instructors course membership fees.
  • Develop and improve their leadership by participating in events sponsored by their Martial Arts World school and the Martial Arts World organization including referee seminar.
  • A Certified Instructor is a role model to all students. He or she understands that they are the example of Martial Arts World conducting their selves with outstanding character. They must keep a neat and clean appearance. For men, no facial hair or long hair, (longer then the neck line).
  • Participate at Martial Arts World University to certify and or recertify yearly as a Martial Arts World T-Instructor (age15 and under), Assistant Instructor (age 16-20) or Certified Instructor (age 21and up).
  • Attend regularly scheduled classes and Instructors Club class which is exclusively for Deputy Black Belt and higher.
  • He / She will not use their Martial Arts training for any purpose outside the Martial Arts World organization, including the operation of the same or another martial arts school within 5 years for any reason, and within 50 miles of any Martial Art World facility without the written permission of Martial Arts World Inc.

Instructors Club Application:


What is your goal with Martial Arts World?